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Melissa Bedard

Position: Certified High Performance Coach™ @ Melissa Bedard Coaching LLC


After spending my entire Corporate career as a business leader in fashion retail with a successful track record of developing people to deliver exceptional sales results, I left that world to become a Certified High Performance Coach™. This role allows me to continue what I have always done organically throughout my career...develop and motivate people. Through a series of 12 coaching sessions, I assist clients in finding MORE... more joy, more clarity, more productivity, more courage and more influence in their lives. These sessions empower my clients to gain more confidence and belief in themselves by identifying and breaking-through their self-imposed roadblocks to achieve greater successes, both personally and professionally.
Let's set up a free one-hour Strategy Session to discuss how you can become more confident, more influential and make a larger personal impact.
Be Terrific! Always elevate.